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Road Test: Kestrel Pro Video Sunglasses

This is a road test of the Kestrel Pro Video Sunglasses that I bought from Zetronix. I wanted to try something different from the GoPro for taking video when I'm out on an adventure.

I chose this model because it has WiFi capability which allows viewing of the videos with a cellular phone or PC.

Product overview

  • 1080p HD Resolution with Audio

  • Covert Pinhole Unnoticeable Camera Lens

  • Wide 90º Angle Lens

  • Noise and Wind Canceling Technology

  • 1 Hour Battery Life

  • Works While Being Charged

  • Stores 22 Hours on 128GB

  • Built-In Memory︱Available 32 or 128 GB

  • Audio Recording Can Be Turned On or Off

  • Live View Over Secure WIFI to Your Smartphone

  • Electronic Video Stabilization

  • Removable and Interchangeable Lenses

  • Stop, Start, Record, and Store Videos On Your Phone

Kestrel Pro - 1080p WIFI HD Video Camera Sunglasses

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